Damage Caused by The Earthquake in Nepal 25 April 2015

Source Image : The Voice of Sikkim
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Damage Caused by The Earthquake 7.9SR in Nepal 25 April 2015

The pictures above I get from The Voice of Sikkim on April 27, 2015 and posted on the 25th of April at 14:27. I am also concerned with the earthquake that caused extensive damage as shown above.

A lot of the impact of the damage caused by earthquakes Nepal on 25 April 2015 local time. Many buildings collapsed, cracked streets with large cavities and rubble scattered. Make local residents panic to escape to a safer place.

Disconnected streets impassable by four-wheeled vehicles or cars and the like. Activity mobility of citizens paralyzed because the road was badly damaged, as shown in the picture. According to the information I received, casualties caused by the earthquake in Nepal to thousands of people died.

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